OTW – Suzette Richards-Selano

Hi Suzette,

Welcome to your ‘On the Wing’ Support Page. Below you’ll find brief notes from our ‘On the Wing’ calls including any useful links. The calls are listed in descending order with the most recent at the top. If you have a call that takes more time and requires a recharge, you will see the recharge button here at the top of the page.

Account Recharged for 08/08/2013

Many thanks for recharging your account on 28/11/2013

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08/08/2013 – Recharge incurred

Collection of the ailing Macbook to relieve congestion and run a Disk Warrior diagnostic and rebuild of the file directory. The Hard Disk was quite filled to the brim. The contents of Suzette’s Trash, Desktop, Documents and Movies were all copied to two separate hard disks and backed up to DVD before deletion to clear 4.5 gigabytes of space which provided sufficient headroom for Disk Warrior to run and to put matters in order. The space also allowed for an update to Microsoft Office.

14/4/2013 – FREE

Support with Apple Mail’s account settings to allow receiving and sending of email – in particular the sending of a time sensitive job application that had been blocking a queue . Mail’s settings are usually straightforward but one needs to know the wrinkles of each ISP’s settings to make sure that all works. Testing is made simpler by checking Connection Doctor: Mail -> Window -> Connection Doctor. It’s also helpful to remember that accounts can use all the available SMTP servers set for sending mail unless instructed not to.