‘Men Who Suffer Domestic Emotional Abuse’

ConnectWorks is delighted to be able to support the publication of ‘Men Who Suffer Emotional Domestic Abuse’ in iBook form as part of a wider project to address the issues facing a community of Black British men who have suffered emotional abuse and often lost their homes and their jobs. The book tells the largely untold story of the reverse side of the domestic violence coin.

About the iBook and how you can help

The reasons for publication as an eBook include the usual advantages such as a lower price, wide distribution and an easy means to scale to meet demand, but more important still is that ConnectWorks will build on the facility for readers to make crucial notes by providing the means within the book for them to take steps that move the legal process forward.

Beyond the book as an essential resource for affected, there are the issues of providing legal support and taking up matters with the legislators in Parliament to make sure that law reflects the reality of what is happening on the ground in Multicultural Britain. To help get the ball rolling, ConnectWorks is offering its payment channels for Donations which will be forwarded to the author for use as the initial seed corn funding for the project. The first part of the money raised will be used for development work on the book, and the balance will be for developing related support services for those who have been affected.

If you are donating at the start of the project you will have due recognition and pride of place in the sponsorship list. We know some of you will feel the need to remain anonymous, even if only initially. With your agreement we will list your sponsorship in the web based material publicising the book as it is in production and in the book itself when published and of course you will receive your own first edition copy.