Business Framework Modules

ConnectWorks provides modular implementation of the key elements of a web presence for a new business start up. They also work well for the development of modern web services for existing businesses.

The solutions we put in place for a content managed web site, e-Commerce facilities and Social Media services make use of popular, well supported online brands that are available for free or cost effective use. We deliberately use services that clients can manage themselves to ensure that they will be able to use them going forward. We focus on setting them up cleanly with appropriate levels of security, integration of services and introductory training.

Implementation and Training Modules

Modules costs £360 including VAT. After initial discussion, each takes about half a day to complete and will cover guidance on legal and security issues and other implications, set up procedures and training in ongoing use and maintenance. For some modules, such as the e-Commerce module, there may be an initial set up step that may take a day or two for the suppliers to process, but otherwise the work can be done in a morning or afternoon at the client’s premises or an agreed location that has secure internet access.

Keeping clients GDPR safe with our Black Friday 2020 Offer

Our ‘GDPR & HTTPS – online Privacy Policy and Secure Pages’ module is based on the policy generator, which is maintained by a team of lawyers updating 1300+ GDPR clauses for any of the functions in your website that can capture user identifiable data. We assess your website’s code to make sure we include all the relevant clauses and we also make sure your site uses HTTPS, the protocol for serving pages securely with the padlock symbol visible to your site’s users.

In preparation for this ‘COVID-19 Christmas’ and for a New Year which may mean the end of the Brexit Transition Phase and being outside both the EU and the likelihood of an early US Trade Deal with an incoming President Biden, we are offering a “20% Off” Black Friday deal up to midnight UK on 30th November 2020. This is to make sure your website is GDPR and CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act) safe through Christmas and also through whatever happens in the New Year, whether it is a Deal, No Deal or a further extension. For the 20% discount on the GDPR Module, please use the offer code: Blackerack2020.

Last September launched its new Terms & Conditions generator to work alongside its Privacy and Cookie Policy generators. Until the end of this year, we are also keeping open our offer to undertake the work to add the website ‘T&C’ document as an extra module as long as this is purchased at the same time as the Privacy and Cookie Solution Module. If you purchase both the ‘GDPR’ and the ‘T&C’ modules during the Black Friday Offer period, the 20% discount will apply to both. Please contact us for a standalone price for the Terms & Conditions Module as this includes higher additional licence fees than the Privacy Policy solution.

Ring us on our GDPR line +44 20 7193 2475‬ for further information

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Module List 2019

  • Squarespace or WordPress – website set up
  • GDPR (& HTTPS) – online Privacy Policy and Secure Pages
  • eCommerce & Paypal Business – account set up
  • Terms & Conditions for eCommerce sites
  • Mailchimp – email marketing account set up
  • Zoom & Cloud Integrations for online training
  • Smart Phone Photos & Video – imagery for websites
  • Social Media – accounts set up:
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • YouTube/Vimeo



Further Training

  • Agreement on key areas of focus and scope of the half day training
  • “Hands on” working through the agreed areas and development of practice routines
  • Summary report with links and notes on steps for the procedures

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Once the services are in place, we now have a range ways in which we can support clients with generating content, refining design and services and scaling activities.

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