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Welcome to your ‘On the Wing’ Support Page. Below you’ll find brief notes from our ‘On the Wing’ calls including any useful links. The calls are listed in descending order with the most recent at the top. If you have a call that takes more time and requires a recharge, you will see the recharge button here at the top of the page.

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15/01/2014 – Pre ‘On the Wing’

Chat with Lawrence – talked about the significance of Google buying Nest and the furore of the digital community about the direction Google is taking in buying assets for questionable motives.

Why is everyone disappointed by Google buying Nest?” The Verge

Confirmation of order to proceed with installation of WordPress in a “dev” folder and to set up an ‘On the Wing’ support subscription

12/01/2014 – Pre ‘On the Wing’

In the earlier conversation about WordPress and the possibility of James working on the site, Lawrence asked about why Hullhandyman might have slipped in the Google rankings. Simon is to investigate, but the upgrade of the site and the listing of hullhandyman tweets via a WordPress Plugin should help significantly. Tweets should now be handled by a plugin rather than through a theme.