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Renewal: 23/02/2014

Hi Sue

Welcome to your ‘On the Wing’ Support Page. Below you’ll find brief notes from our ‘On the Wing’ calls including any useful links. If you have a call that takes more time and requires a recharge, you will see the recharge button here at the top of the page.

Account Recharge Required for 20/12/13

Support provided over the course of 19 & 20/12/2013 involved longer calls.
Sue can you hit the recharge button please for £37.50 + VAT (£45 )?

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19 & 20/08/2013 – Recharge incurred

Issue addressed – migration of data from Macbook to Macbook Air:

  • Talked through migration of data to the new Macbook Air as this is best handled using the Utility Application Migration Assistant in order to keep related files stored in different places on the source machine properly linked on the target machine.
  • On Thursday 19th migration via Wifi stumbled so we moved to a belt AND braces solution: cloning the Macbook to the new WD My Passport Studio using Carbon Copy Cloner and then using Migration Assistant to migrate the data from the clone version on the Firewire 800 Hard Disk connected to the Macbook Air via the Firewire 800 cable and Thunderbolt Firewire adaptor.
  • This leaves resolution of bringing across old email accounts on the Macbook Air and transitioning some of them from POP to IMAP accounts. We will need to bring the current POP email folders across to the Macbook Air as imported Archive Mailboxes as the messages will no longer exist on the email server – POP will have stripped them. Once the archives are in place, the accounts can be set up as IMAP for mail going forward. If required the archived messages can also be copied into the new IMAP Inbox and Sent folders to make them available via the server on all devices.
  • As we formatted the External WD My Passport Studio as two equal volumes, it can work for both incremental cloning and also for TimeMachine backups of the Macbook Air. [We now have both automated backup and disaster recovery solution eggs in one basket. Time to look at a remote storage second line of defence.]
  • Finally we also need to resolve stripping out Microsoft Office on the Macbook Air if this remains a priority. I’m not convinced that it’s a necessity, but there is much guidance on the subject.

26/2/2013 – FREE

Further teasing out of how to send invitations to a group via email from within FaceBook – automation of the invitation to a closed group. Response from Annabelle via email redirected.

Hi Sue,

This is Annabelle’s take on how to email to a list of invitees from a closed group. Go to the top right hand corner of the Group’s Admin page to find this control as per the screen grab.

We think you can then email to multiple clients.

Let us know how it goes.

Best wishes, Simon.

PS Should have your page set up tonight and a receipt back to you.


invite by email link in Facebook

yes you can invite people who are not friends on Facebook. Tell me when you get this cheers A

22/2/2013 – FREE

Question about Open, Closed and Secret Groups on FaceBook. Sent links to FaceBook Help pages on Groups via email.

In the meanwhile, some research on your question – I’ve also paged Annabelle about this:

1. The Facebook basic help page about groups is here:


2. The specific link about “How do I join a group” is here:


3. And the explanation of what options you have to join a group as dictated by the group’s privacy settings are laid out here:


* * *

The heart of the matter seems to be that if it’s a closed group the privacy settings will dictate whether the outsider can only join if invited or whether they can ask to join as well. Also closed groups are visible, but their posts are hidden from the outside world. The group’s existence and it’s membership will be visible. If you want to hide even these elements then it has to be made a secret group.