On the Wing – Typical Questions

These are the types of questions we can and do answer every day through our ‘On the Wing’ telephone support network and for the most part in that quick five minute chat that gets you on track.

Answering quick questions & covering more complicated ones

And where more time needs to be given to analyse an issue or time needs to be taken to talk you through an installation, that’s where the simple recharge mechanism pays dividends. You’ve already covered the cost up front and can pay the recharge on a credit card the next time you need to ask a question and restart the subscription.

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These are ten typical ‘On the Wing’ support questions

  1. Will 4G data make a significant difference for me?
  2. Can I get unlimited broadband for less?
  3. Is there a cheaper way to get MS Office on my machines?
  4. How do I share pictures through Photostream, Flickr or Dropbox?
  5. How can I use iCloud like Dropbox for docs, xls and ppts?
  6. How do I speed up text entry on an iOS keyboard?
  7. How do I get all my different email addresses working in Mail?
  8. Which ISP makes sense for broadband and phone services?
  9. Where is it best to register domains and host my web site?
  10. How do I keep Photo Stream images safe for longer than a month?

Here are ten more typical ‘On the Wing’ support questions

  1. Can my iPhone 5 get 4g other than by switching to EE?
  2. Can I get faster ‘Fibre To The Cabinet’ (fttc) broadband?
  3. Will there ever be an easy way to edit Office files on iOS?
  4. How can I share files easily from my iOS machines?
  5. How do I get files from Dropbox into iWorks & back again?
  6. How do I get typographic elegance on an iOS keyboard?
  7. Can I get better images than with the phone without having to buy a DSLR?
  8. Why can’t I use POP3 mail on iOS and why is IMAP better?
  9. How do I invite clients to a closed Facebook group?
  10. Why back up iOS devices to iCloud rather than iTunes?

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