On the Wing Support

‘On the Wing’ is a new support service for professionals who want do more with mobile devices, cloud based services and integration with existing laptops and desktops systems and you can see the kinds of questions we’re answering here.

On the Wing Project

The project is driven by Simon Rae-Scott, ConnectWorks’ Managing Director, to provide a direct point of contact for individual clients. The model for this subscription telephone support service is deliberately simple so we can explore where it can take us.

It’s priced just under £50 per year at £49.99 including VAT and there are just three key elements:

  • Support calls that can resolve an issue in five minutes are free*
  • A support call that takes longer than five minutes consumes the reserve and temporarily suspends the subscription
  • Payment of a £45 recharge fee reinstates the subscription.

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In terms of details of how the On the Wing project will operate initially, we have in process the following elements:

  • When we receive your order for a subscription, we will set up a private page for you on the ConnectWorks site. This will show a simple log of your calls* and any solutions provided including relevant links
  • Your page will also have a recharge button if you have hit a crisis that took more than five minutes to resolve, your fee has been consumed and you now need to reactivate the subscription
  • We can now offer ‘On the Wing’ members a longer intervention to implement various solutions. These include setting up email accounts, putting back-up systems in place, setting up security measures such password management and two step verification across all your online accounts or even installing a new version of an operating system. In the London area this can be managed literally as a ‘Home Visit’ and where you are further away, the ‘Home Visit’ will be managed as an extended series of telephone, Skype or FaceTime calls charged at £100 + VAT (£120) per implementation. To organise your ‘Home Visit’ just ring Simon as normal on 07956 888 757.

Also, since we’re very keen to grow the network quickly through referrals and benefits in order to make it viable, your personal page will have:

  • Access to a simple form that allows you as a new user to specify who referred you to ‘On the Wing’ (though only if another user has referred you)
  • A table indicating your available free recharges and which of your own referrals generated them – as long as you are referring people to ‘On the Wing’
  • A space for mechanisms – as they emerge from the network – for sharing with other members of the network. No prejudgement here as to how the model will work, but we are entirely open to exploring all possibilities that arise to make the network a real asset for its members


*Five minute calls can be made as often as you like subject to common sense, reasonable hours and what will emerge as a ‘Fair Use’ policy for the group as the network service beds in.

**e-Commerce processing is provided through the ConnectWorks Ltd. Paypal account mediated by an e-junkie.com shopping cart. At the shopping cart stage you will be asked to confirm your country and postcode so that the VAT can be calculated correctly.