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Security issues still dominate after a year away from ConnectWorks

So I’m staying with offering positive steps to protect your online security

Apologies – I’ve been focused almost exclusively on business support for a year helping set up a service across 17 Job Centres in West London provided by Ixion for the DWP’s New Enterprise Allowance Programme and as I start focusing again on ConnectWorks and our clients, I am bowled over that security remains the primary issue I worry about on their behalf. In particular I am upset this week because a close friend fell foul of a phishing email in a distracted moment and more than 48 hours later is still struggling to alert every one of her contacts rifled from her email systems and to make sure that the stable door is now better bolted than it was before.

…But Phishing is social engineering and not breaking security systems. She filled in her email password following instructions from the crooks because she thought this was a friend she has seen just two day earlier trying to show her on a file on Google docs. Serendipity for the criminals? They struck lucky? Maybe, but the principle here is that the emails we receive that appear to come from people in our contacts list have actually been stolen from others in our networks. So we are emotionally at risk for the moment we half believe that this may be from the friend or colleague. A moment’s inattention – probably grumbling at the oddity of the request – and the damage is done.

So I am providing ConnectWorks ‘On the Wing‘ subscribers with a solution that works because it swings the emotions 180 degrees by giving people such a satisfyingly simple way to fight back against email phishing that it can instil a predisposition to sniff each email for that distinctive smell of rat. My “whack-a-rat”* method is as simple as replying to the email, but it actually sends the phishing email, safely packed, to the right corporate player with an incentive to act. While the mechanism may be trivial I feel the arming of resolve can be profound. Joining ‘On the Wing’ is a way of getting access to my technical support affordably for a year and now I am adding these simple low tech tools that can help us be safer and more productive. (*Apologies to rats. My current favourite is Remy, the hero of Ratatouille.)

In the same vein we have our service for helping you build your security online. We can make sure that you can happily manage the first level of security with unique passwords per account and we can also help you to the next level with connection to your mobile phone for verification of key accounts vital for parts of your life held on line.

We are offering tailored password systems advice for free for existing subscribers to our ‘On the Wing‘ telephone support network and a £90 service open to all for a support session to set up 2-step Verification for key accounts and to you get going with building robust online security. We know that each of you will have different needs, levels of confidence and technical skills, but we are sure we can start the process for you in less than an hour. Our ‘On the Wing’ subscribers as usual can fire follow up questions at will and for non-subscribers we can set up supplementary sessions and even complete implementation services charged per half day at £360 including VAT.

Choose your next step:

  • Book a session by ringing Simon Rae-Scott on +44 (0)7956 888 757
  • Subscribe now to ‘On the Wing‘ for £49.99 per year
  • Purchase a one-off 2-Step Verification support session for £90 including VAT.
  • Buy a half day training session to understand the issues and to put in place a system to suit.

We can help you make your online security more manageable.

Simon Rae-Scott.

ConnectWorks specialises in custom arts and information web projects for corporate and public sector clients and affordable modular solutions to assist new businesses in setting up a web presence and adding e-commerce. It also provides consultancy and workshops on web matters and emerging technologies, including eBook publications.

ConnectWorks runs ‘On the Wing’, a telephone support service for individual clients that focuses on helping professionals do more with mobile devices, cloud based services and integration with existing laptops and desktops.

On the Wing Project

‘On the Wing’ is a personal networking project driven by Simon Rae-Scott, ConnectWorks’ Managing Director, to provide a direct point of contact for individual clients. The model for this subscription telephone support service is deliberately simple so we can explore where it can take us.

It’s priced just under £50 per year at £49.99 including VAT and there are just three key elements:

  • Support calls that can resolve an issue in five minutes are free*
  • A support call that takes longer than five minutes consumes the reserve and temporarily suspends the subscription
  • Payment of a £45 recharge fee reinstates the subscription.

Subscribe now for £49.99**
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Why Subscribe or Recommend Now?

  • If you own an iPhone or iPad, subscribing will help justify it as a professional purchase
  • To help grow this personal network, you can claim a free recharge for each new subscriber you refer
  • If you’re iOS/ICT professional, but would rather we handled your clients’ questions, please call Simon on 07956 888 757 to arrange a £10 Finder’s Fee per subscriber you help to join our list.

Read more about Simon’s thoughts on why he has introduced the ‘On the Wing’ network and how he sees it developing.

*Five minute calls can be made as often as you like subject to common sense, reasonable hours and what will emerge as a ‘Fair Use’ policy for the group as the network service beds in.

**e-Commerce processing is provided through the ConnectWorks Ltd. Paypal account mediated by an shopping cart. At the shopping cart stage you will be asked to confirm your country and postcode so that the VAT can be calculated correctly.