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New eBook projects for the Autumn

ConnectWorks is pleased to announce that it is working on a number of eBook projects this year.

Amongst the projects we are working on, we have a focused guide on how to secure a new job, even if it means a change of career direction, or actually starting a business of your own. The book (working title ‘Returning to Work – a Helping Hand’) has been written by a “no-nonsense” expert in the field and it will take full advantage of being digital, allowing the reader to make notes and to complete templates that can then be exported for use as as job tuned CVs, covering letters or Business Plans and Budgets.

We are also breaking new ground with a book ‘Men Who Suffer Emotional Domestic Abuse‘, which addresses the issues facing a growing community of Black British men who have suffered emotional abuse and often lost their homes and their jobs. The book gives insight into the largely untold story of the reverse side of the domestic violence coin. It also offers a practical set of steps for those affected, a means to make notes and get their thoughts in order and the means within the book for them to take steps that move the legal process forward. ConnectWorks is supporting the author and his group by providing a first stage crowd funding arrangement to enable them to gather the seed corn funding for the book and related support.

Other publications under discussion include explorations of classical music, games to support learning and mythical explorations. In each case the aim of publishing as an eBook is to take full and innovative advantage of the digital medium and its capacity to engage with the wider online world.

Modified Delphi Forecasting Instrument

ConnectWorks is completing work for Information Management Associates on the Modified Delphi Forecasting and Change Identification Instrument. This was developed with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s ‘Global Libraries’ Programme as a forecasting and change monitoring instrument for public library leaders. The good news is that it is now freely available to anyone who wants to look into the future of their organisations or communities of interest to see how the perceptions of of those pushing the envelope in their fields are changing. This instrument can be used by organisations or change management professionals who want to find out how thought leaders in any field view their future and how these views shift over time.

Information Management Associates is also available to provide support in helping interested groups who want consultancy support with building expert groups to take advantage of these surveys and also to assist with the analysis and reporting. This consultancy work will be undertaken in close partnership with ConnectWorks, as Simon Rae-Scott, ConnectWorks’ managing director, is also one the associates at IMA.

ConnectWorks specialises in custom arts and information web projects for corporate and public sector clients and affordable modular solutions to assist new businesses in setting up a web presence and adding e-commerce. It also provides consultancy and workshops on web matters and emerging technologies, including eBook publications.

ConnectWorks runs ‘On the Wing’, a telephone support service for individual clients that focuses on helping professionals do more with mobile devices, cloud based services and integration with existing laptops and desktops.

On the Wing Project

‘On the Wing’ is a personal networking project driven by Simon Rae-Scott, ConnectWorks’ Managing Director, to provide a direct point of contact for individual clients. The model for this subscription telephone support service is deliberately simple so we can explore where it can take us.

It’s priced just under £50 per year at £49.99 including VAT and there are just three key elements:

  • Support calls that can resolve an issue in five minutes are free*
  • A support call that takes longer than five minutes consumes the reserve and temporarily suspends the subscription
  • Payment of a £45 recharge fee reinstates the subscription.

Subscribe now for £49.99**
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Why Subscribe or Recommend Now?

  • If you own an iPhone or iPad, subscribing will help justify it as a professional purchase
  • To help grow this personal network, you can claim a free recharge for each new subscriber you refer
  • If you’re iOS/ICT professional, but would rather we handled your clients’ questions, please call Simon on 07956 888 757 to arrange a £10 Finder’s Fee per subscriber you help to join our list.

Read more about Simon’s thoughts on why he has introduced the ‘On the Wing’ network and how he sees it developing.

*Five minute calls can be made as often as you like subject to common sense, reasonable hours and what will emerge as a ‘Fair Use’ policy for the group as the network service beds in.

**e-Commerce processing is provided through the ConnectWorks Ltd. Paypal account mediated by an shopping cart. At the shopping cart stage you will be asked to confirm your country and postcode so that the VAT can be calculated correctly.